Walking the (border) line

I live on the edge.

OK, one block away from the edge. Lloydminster has the provincial border for Alberta/Saskatchewan running right through it (it’s hard to miss, there’s some large, red “border markers” where highways 16 and 17 intersect, and highway 17 technically is the border) and I live one block over from Highway 17, on the Alberta side.

So I can see Saskatchewan any time I want. Actually, I work on the Saskatchewan side, and right outside my office window is, you guessed it, Alberta. Continue reading


‘Cool’ degrees

One of my friends once wrote on her Facebook status “Journalism is a cooler degree than yours.”

It’s entirely possible to disagree — I wouldn’t mind having a minor in geography, so clearly I think that’s a pretty cool degree; I also sometimes wonder what would have happened if I’d chosen to take my degree in marine biology, graphic design, or a diploma in sound engineering. There are different reasons for why all those didn’t pan out, but that’s a different blog post. Continue reading