No one puts Baby in a corner

Or in a niche.

My first blog postings can be found on the Reflector website; as an editor, each of us was expected to blog weekly. “Expected to,” or “supposed to” are the key words. I think my average was one blog post about every two weeks.

Starting that blog was torture. I’d never blogged before, and I was taking over the news editor position from someone with a reputation for blogging. Not to mention she was keeping the news blog in her new role as publishing editor, so I had to come up with a whole new blog that I would run, as the new news editor.


I did some Googling, and there were two consistent things that kept coming back: blog constantly (people won’t remember to read you if you don’t remember to post consistently) and have some sort of niche.

According to what I wrote when I first started, my intentions were to have some kind of hybrid (hence the name A New Hybrid) of news blog and random going-ons of the world.

What it actually turned into was a green blog, which I find ironic because I don’t consider myself a ridiculously environmentally friendly person, although I guess I am, but more on that later.

What I’m trying to say is I’m not making any promises with this blog. What’s promising, however, is this article that came across my Twitter feed that says you don’t need just one niche. But a core focus is good.

So I can probably tell you, on this blog – there’s going to be some environment stuff (because apparently I’m greener than I think), there’s going to be some random stuff (I just graduated from university and am now trying to remember that I don’t have to live like a student in all aspects of life anymore) and there’s going to be a lot of journalism stuff (it’s what I do).

But nobody puts Baby in a corner (oh, and I like old stuff — especially old music — too).

edit: I originally posted this using tumblr on April 20, and then decided I couldn’t learn to like the interface, so I changed blogs. I promise I won’t change sites again (well, I’m pretty sure for the time being, anyway) but I can’t promise I won’t move the layout and design around. I’ve also been playing around with Wix and iWeb as ready-made templates just don’t do it for me, but this should be OK.


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