Walking the (border) line

I live on the edge.

OK, one block away from the edge. Lloydminster has the provincial border for Alberta/Saskatchewan running right through it (it’s hard to miss, there’s some large, red “border markers” where highways 16 and 17 intersect, and highway 17 technically is the border) and I live one block over from Highway 17, on the Alberta side.

So I can see Saskatchewan any time I want. Actually, I work on the Saskatchewan side, and right outside my office window is, you guessed it, Alberta.

In this town, most rules and regulations walk the fine line between Alberta and Saskatchewan. In some cases, Lloydminster is in its own “bubble” – there’s no PST on either side of the highway, and there’s no time zone change during daylight savings time.

(Could you imagine how much that would suck? I can’t even image how that would work, living on the Alberta side – by the time I got up, I would already be late for work.)

But surprisingly, I’m rather attached to being an Albertan. I can take or leave the Calgarian tag – I found that out three years ago when I moved to Edmonton for two summers and fell in love with that city – but hopping across the highway and looking at apartments on “the other” side…I’m not so sure about that.

I guess you could say I have a love-hate relationship with my apartment. I didn’t go apartment hunting at an exactly prime time – I came up from Calgary the week between Christmas and New Year’s – so not many building managers were around or returning phone calls. Plus, (affordable) one-bedroom apartments in Lloydminster don’t exactly seem to be a dime a dozen.

So the place I’m in – it’s the only place that I could look at when I came up here. I tried one other place on the Saskatchewan side, because I was desperate, but they wouldn’t let me even look at the place until my application was approved, and I was only here for a day and a half or so, so I didn’t make much effort.

I love my walk-in pantry and walk-in closet. The pantry especially is a huge upgrade from what I had in Edmonton. I’m less crazy about the fact that I’m on the ground floor, because experience has shown me that in the summer, I don’t believe in closing patio doors or windows. That will have to change this summer.

So I’m of two minds. Do I stick it out, because it’s an OK place? Or do I try and find another place, be it on the Alberta or Saskatchewan side – and if it’s on the Saskatchewan side, that means getting new plates and registration for my vehicle; the one real tangible thing that I have as an Albertan, besides my 780-area-code phone, and I don’t know if I would have to change that.

Yes, the area code kind of matters here. Although, as a side note, 10-digit dialing doesn’t always matter, as I found out – as long as you’re dialing landline to landline, any number that starts with 825 (Saskatchewan) or 875 (Alberta) doesn’t need the 306/780 in front of it. But speaking of my car, it’s not exactly large. And I don’t have enough (read: any) friends up here with pick-up trucks. One of my friends swears inter-city moving is easier than city-to-city, but I’m not so sure.


2 thoughts on “Walking the (border) line

  1. I'd say, start looking for apartments as soon as possible. You might find your dream one! Also, I don't know the exact legality of the plates situation, but I'd imagine you could stick with the Alberta ones for a while… however, I have heard Sask insurance is a lot cheaper and that might be worth looking into.Moving with your car shouldn't be too bad for most of your stuff, but maybe rent a van from UHaul (or similar) for mattress-sized things. Not a crazy giant van, just a hockey-mom sized one.Good luck!

  2. As far as I know, you can keep your original province plates for as long as you're a student. When you "grow up" and start moving around you have three months to change your license and/or plates. Sask. insurance is cheaper but it comes at a price, from what I understand it's bad news bears if anything happens to your car, even if you're in an accident that isn't your fault. When I moved up here we just used a U-Haul trailer for mattress-sized things and the boxes went in the bed of my dad's truck. So yeah, it's totally doable. 🙂 Not sure if I could tow a trailer with my car though so I might have to use a van separately.

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