Small town wave lengths

When people find out I’m a fairly recent transplant from Calgary, their first question is usually something along the lines of ‘Why did you choose Lloydminster?’

Invariably, I tell them I don’t mind it. The job fit what I was looking for, and I suppose I could do a lot worse than a population of 27,000. Continue reading


Dear Mac: a computer love letter

Dear Mac,

We’ve been together for nearly four and a half years now. I didn’t want to meet you at first, thought this relationship would never work. I’d seen you from a distance and heard people talk about you, but I was perfectly happy in my relationship with PC, a distant cousin of yours.

PC and I, we never really had any major problems. Granted, I was willing to cut him a lot of slack, because I’d never been in a relationship like that before. The first time I lived with a computer was in Grade 9.

I heard of friends who had problems in their PC relationship – files were lost, memories erased, or the blue screen of death (also known as the silent treatment). But we never thought about giving up our relationship with the PC we loved, and who gave us everything we needed (usually).

And then I went to university and met you. Continue reading

Healthy eating

“I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants.”

I can’t remember where I read that, I just remember saying it to one of my friends who gives me a hard time about my eating habits because he thinks I don’t get enough protein.

Actually, I’m a vegetarian because I think it’s a healthier way to eat. After nearly five years of no red meat, I still eat a little bit of chicken and fish, but am working on eliminating those too. Continue reading

Comfortable clothes

I have two pieces of clothing I should never be allowed to wear out of the house.

Actually, I have more than that – jeans that are ripped, shirts that are pilled. Except I know I shouldn’t wear those clothes out of the house, and I never do. But there are two tops that I’m strongly tempted, on occasion, to wear out of the house. They’re just so comfortable. Continue reading

The worst part of journalism and why it’s still worth it

It’s inevitable: I’m going to run out of room on my tape recorder.

In theory, I’m OK with that fact. In reality, I’ve got 24:36 left before I have to do some major cleansing on that thing.

The problem is, I refuse to let some interviews go. I have probably 20 interviews – some nearly two years old, some as recent as a couple of months ago – that have survived a half-hearted attempt at clearing some room, another full-out purge, and if I have anything to do with it, they’ll survive this next go-round as well.

Journalism isn’t always a glamourous job. Continue reading