All dressed up with no place to go

There are a lot of Murphy’s laws in journalism.

One that I’m still working on accepting is the dress code. In my experience, by and large, unless you’re covering a major dignitary event or something in the same vein, jeans and a nice top will do. I find it a bit tougher being a girl — all the male journalists just get to pull on a collared shirt and jeans, every day, any day. While there are some nice feminine collared shirts out there, I generally dislike them on me.

Murphy’s law: the day you wear a skirt to work is the same windy day you’re asked to go out and cover a rugby game because the sports reporter is on vacation. Continue reading


A wireless love affair

Dear Starbucks: I love you.

Although I’m a regular coffee fiend (I once knocked on the door of the coffee shop at 6 a.m. because they hadn’t unlocked their doors yet and I had to be at school, but I wasn’t going without coffee in hand), I’m even more enamoured lately with their free wifi. Continue reading