Just a thought

I’m thinking about changing platforms again, which I think is a bad bad thing in terms of consistency, but…

I started building a portfolio website over the winter, but I never quite finished it, mostly because I didn’t have all my clippings together and everything. And since I work on a touch pad on my laptop and not an actual mouse, getting everything exactly where I wanted it was a little touchy. Continue reading


Flipping brain switches

“People who don’t know me very well think that I’m quiet. People who know me very well wish that I were quiet.”

That kind of applies to me. I can be “not quiet” when I’m with close friends, but at a certain point, when the group gets too big, I get quiet again, no matter whom I’m with. I think it surprises people who know I’m a journalist that I’m not an extremely extrovert personality — it’s more something I switch on and off as needed. Continue reading

Things that keep me up at night

Five years later, I still have problems listening to the field show music from high school marching band. Not so much the parade tunes, because those were mostly pop tunes like the Beatles’ Penny Lane and Green Day’s Holiday, and I only have the mainstream versions of those songs, but I have show music from two of the three field shows I did. (I have the audio from the 2005 show, but found parts one and two from our 2006 show on YouTube.) Continue reading

This is the wrong highway — Life is a highway, part 2

When I got my license, I still wasn’t driving right away. And when I got a car, two months later, I promptly moved to Edmonton. So even though I was born and raised in Calgary, the street system in Edmonton makes a lot more sense to me. P.S. – I lived in Garneau, near the university hospital and Whyte Avenue, which is land of the one-way streets. So I think that’s saying something. Continue reading

Life is a highway

One of the last stories I did for my internship in St. Albert was about a local playwright and the Christmas play that they would be performing again, which I guess is kind of a tradition in the city.

We made some chitchat before actually starting the interview, and it turned out that she’s a graduate of the same high school as me (we figured out this by talking about marching band, of course). Somehow, that turned into a conversation about driving from Calgary to Edmonton or vice versa, and she made a comment about how she gets a lot of thinking done on that long, boring highway. Continue reading

Give a girl a staple gun (and a screwdriver)…

I’ve been tweeting pictures of this project as I put it together, but I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turned out, and it’s the first big project like this I’ve done, so I thought I’d put the sequence up here to share.

Every August, St. Walburg (about an hour northeast of Lloydminster) has their Blueberry Festival. Since the town is only about 800 people, it’s a good time for garage sales too. I was up there to shoot photos for the paper, but I also wandered around some garage sales, and found these chairs. Continue reading

Ripple effect

I had intentions to write about something other than Sept. 11 for this blog post. I kid you not, I spent nearly my entire Thursday trying to write a column about it (it’s on page 17, since with the web version we can’t link to individual pages), which involved essentially writing a little bit, reading some related links, deleting what I had written and trying again, reading some more links, deleting what I had written…

First of all, I can’t believe how much is out there. Yes, I know it’s the 10th anniversary, and one of the pieces that finally got me to focus wasn’t a specific Sept. 11 piece, but rather about the love-hate relationship that journalists have with anniversaries. Continue reading