I’ve hit the blogging wall.
Even writing this post has taken three tries, and it’s certainly not my first attempt this weekend.

Other attempts include (and forgive me for some points being cryptic):

  • A post on the grammar police – I found a couple interesting websites that I have an opinion about, and yet I can’t voice it succinctly.
  • A post about losing my (writing) voice – in school, we weren’t expected to write many columns or editorials. In fact, because we wrote just so many straight news stories, I’ve referred to it a couple times as having our voice beaten out of us. It never truly is — even straight news stories sound different written by different people — but it’s still something I struggle with and am a little frustrated about; there’s a lot of times I don’t like my “voice.”
  • Missing someone – it may sound like an excuse, but I really don’t know what I did that makes them act friendly towards me sometimes and as if I don’t exist other times.
  • What I want from life – very very very very very slowly I’m putting together a plan. On one hand, I need feedback. On the other hand, I don’t think I’m quite at that stage yet.

A week ago, I tweeted about feeling restless and aimless and hating that feeling. I hate it when that sneaks up on you.


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