Just a thought

I’m thinking about changing platforms again, which I think is a bad bad thing in terms of consistency, but…

I started building a portfolio website over the winter, but I never quite finished it, mostly because I didn’t have all my clippings together and everything. And since I work on a touch pad on my laptop and not an actual mouse, getting everything exactly where I wanted it was a little touchy.

As part of the website though, I had built in a blog page, though obviously I never used it, since I never launched the site. (Or thought I didn’t launch the site. I Googled myself the other day and my site came up as one of the results. I have no idea how it published itself in its half-finished state, and I’m not impressed.)

I just finished my weekend (Monday and Tuesday), but since I have no plans to run away to Vermilion or Wainwright next weekend (places I’ve run away to for the past two “weekends”), I might just hole up on my balcony and build myself a website. (Though I might run away to Paradise Hill on Sunday — for work though — and I’m trying to resist the temptation to run away to Edmonton for a couple of days.)

Can I get a verdict? Should I build a portfolio website with a built-in blog? Or keep the two separate?


One thought on “Just a thought

  1. I would say keep it separate. I feel like a blog on a portfolio website means that if you haven't updated your blog recently, it can look like your portfolio is out of date. Plus then you don't have to feel too restricted in what you're blogging about. Not that you'd blog anything inappropriate.

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