Some call it fall

OK, so it gets colder in autumn. If I were a bear and hibernated for the next seven months or so, I would probably be OK with this. Unfortunately, I’m a person who apparently has a body temperature 10 C lower than everyone else. This is these season where it begins — I go to introduce myself, shake someone’s hand, and their reply is “Ooh, your hands are a little cold.”

Yeah, I know. It is literally a conscious thought for me when all of my body is the same temperature — “Hey, I’m comfortable, and no part of my body, including my hands or feet, are burning hot or freezing cold.” (The dead giveaway is if I have my hands pressed to my cheeks in an “O” expression — it means my cheeks are burning and my hands are freezing.)

Like I said, I think my body temperature is a good 10 C below everyone else’s, because I was in Toronto this summer when they had that 48 C heat wave, and I thought walking outdoors from the Royal Ontario Museum to the harbourfront was a great idea. Yes, I was drinking a lot of water, but I was comfortable. On the other hand, though my friend didn’t exactly say it in those terms, he thought I was crazy.

I must admit, I don’t really help my cause — I have very few long-sleeved shirts, even in the winter I wear a lot of T-shirts, and I will wear flats, delaying wearing socks until the last leaf falls off the trees. I’ve tried to wear heavier sweaters in the winter, but seriously, my internal thermometer does not co-operate. Then, I’m way too warm.

But just once, I would like to go to an event, introduce myself, shake someone’s hand and not have their next comment be, “Ooh, your hands are a little cold.”

Hey, cold hands, warm heart, right?


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