Behind every good writer

I am the type of person who reminds her friends constantly that she loves them a lot. The obvious and common reason is that I’m very glad they’re in my life; they’re fantastic people. The other reason I do it is because most of my friends are one of two types of people: 1) journalists or 2) people who are brilliant but can’t write an essay or report for the life of them and definitely need a second pair of eyes to make sure all the ideas come across clearly. Both kinds of people end up on the receiving end, either intentionally or unintentionally, of me editing something for them.

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Cooking up trouble

Note: I was planning to blog about something journalism related tonight. But I didn’t write anything today and this is quicker than the discussion of another blog that I want to do, so to get my NaBloPoMo done, here it is.

Considering how much I like snack-y foods, I actually don’t do that much baking. My oven is mostly used for making things like banana breads, pita chips and homemade potato fries.

My “baking cupboard” is pretty well stocked, mind you, with vanilla extract and baking soda/powder and all those things, but again, I use them for breads or muffins. Not cookies.

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Make light work

My editor and I are fighting a quiet battle. Every time I go out to the Lloyd Exhibition Grounds — a setting with notoriously bad light — he’ll toss out the comment, “Maybe take the (off-camera) flash with you.” Or if I go some place where he thinks I might have bad light, he suggests the same thing, citing times he’s been in that location and had problems getting decent lighting.

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Fascinating Friday night

I was looking forward to curling up on my couch with a book, my laptop and some Ben & Jerry’s tonight, but my stomach seems to have other plans. Just for the record, I don’t normally have Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; whatever is on sale will do, but I was typing a text to a friend today and “been” nearly became “Ben” and ice cream has been in my head ever since.

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Let go

If I’m perfectly honest, I can be the first one to admit that every now and then, I let my (normally hidden) OCD tendencies get the best of me. It’s earned me a lot of dirty looks from M.B. at the pool, when I’ve asked her to do something with a routine and then spend the next 20 minutes hanging over her shoulder.

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A different kind of math

Surprisingly — to me at least — there are a couple of things in math I’m actually good at. Logs and algebra in particular were actually enjoyable for me, though there were other units, like circle geometry, that confused the heck out of me.

I understand though why some people like math — there’s always a set formula, there’s always a right answer. On that note, I also really liked chemistry, though the moment a friend turned to me during a spare period and said, “Do you understand what’s going on with the equilibrium unit?” was one of the best moments ever, because that was my worst chem section, and no, I didn’t have a clue.

Anyways, in that right-wrong, black-white sense, editing is my math.

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