A couple of years ago, someone told me that it was impossible to dream about someone else unless that person gave you (obviously subconsciously) permission to dream about them.

I don’t know enough about how dreams and the subconscious work to go any further with that claim, but it’s kind of an interesting thought.

Especially when I had a dream last night about two people who have not been a major part of my life for roughly a year — in one case, not part of my life at all for over a year — and the fact that they’re both from different areas of my life, so while they were both in my dream, at the same time in the same location, they don’t actually know each other.

I find it weird to tell people that I had a dream about them, so I’m not going to use first initials like I normally do — call these two X. and Y. (I almost think there was one more person in my dream, but it’s a dream and kind of fuzzy and I can’t remember anymore.) I knew X. for about two years and worked closely with him for about two months; I’ve known Y. for probably about five years and distance is pretty much the thing that means we can’t be a more consistent part of each other’s lives, though I got to talk to him last week, which was good.

I dreamt I was teching at the theatre — something else I haven’t done in just over a year — and X. and Y. were both there. Y. was in the background and interacting with X. more than anything else, but while I was trying to ignore X., X. was determined to get my attention.

I knew I was at the theatre, because obviously that’s the only place I’ve ever tech’d, but the board didn’t look like the theatre board — the tower with all the MD cards and everything was in front of me and looked like a bigger version of a VCR (which it definitely doesn’t look like in real life) and the board might have been in front of X., who was to the left of me; it looked like we were at the work bench in my dad’s garage. Part of the reason I was ignoring X. was because I was missing some CDs (which we also didn’t use) and someone told me one of the actors had them, so I had to find those, then when I tried to find the right track, I nearly reset everything. I don’t know how to explain it well, but it was kind of at that point, X. was like, if you pay attention to me, I can help you sort this out. So it was like, OK, I guess so — then I turned around from doing something else and he’s fiddling away, changing everything from the way I’m used to having things set up, and it’s like, what the hell?

The frustrating thing with dreams is there’s always parts that you know happened but you can’t quite remember — I remember Y. was part of the dream, but I can’t remember what exactly he was doing there, and I think someone else (who is from yet another part of my life and has no connection to the other two) was in my dream, but I don’t remember who or why.

Though, the good news I guess is that at least it was in English and I haven’t had too many problems explaining this dream. When I was in immersion, we though the teachers were joking when they said we’ll start to dream in French as we learn more of the language— it’s actually true. Even now, sometimes I’ll try to explain a dream to a friend, and I’ll be stumbling for words before I realize that the reason I’m having problems is because I’m talking in English, to an anglophone friend and the dream was in French.


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