And now, for something completely different

Consider this fair warning: now that I’m trying another blog-hosting site, expect to see a lot of changes in the next little bit. Some of the archived blog posts imported funny, and I’m not too sure about the design or layout yet either.

That tweaking tendency kind of works in to the explanation of why I changed host sites again. I’m the type of person who likes something to be nearly perfect before she shows it off — a friend this summer complimented me on my first Illustrator graphic (he had helped me with it) and I replied that despite its structure earning me some favour with the graphics department (it being built in layers was one of the smartest things B. could have suggested to me) I still wasn’t sure that I liked it. He replied, “Remember you see the flaws nobody else sees.” On one hand, that’s my job, to make sure I catch all the flaws, on the other hand, it’s very true and he’s very right.

That’s the reason why I still haven’t built a portfolio website, and I know there’s all these different tools that I should be teaching myself, but I feel like I need the “perfect” project to apply it to and it will have to turn out to be exactly what I see in my head, the first time, which is never going to happen. So it never happens.

I’m trying to change that. Here, I want to be able to show what I’m working on. I can say “Hey, take a look at this site I’m building. Take a look at what this app can do and what I’m using it for. I’m not going to ever use it for anything, but look. Look what I can do, and what I’m learning to do. By the way, what do you think? Tell me what I can improve.”

This blog is still going to be about, well, everything that it’s been about up until now. It’s going to be about how I’m trying to figure out how to do this grownup thing, and how I’m learning exactly what I want in my journalism career. But now it’s also going to be about all of the above as well.

So here’s the first one, and one more reason why I switched over to WordPress — you can’t embed things in BlogSpot. Although, as I’m fighting with it, I can’t quite figure that out yet. So we’ll just start with a link to my first Storify project.

There’s things I’m not happy with, and there’s things I wish I could change but I don’t have the resources available to me — for example, there could be some more transitions between the tweets, to explain what was being talked about when, but I wasn’t exactly taking notes during the webcast; I was actually making dinner and cleaning my apartment. Although, as I’m writing this, I’m remembering that the video of the webcast is supposed to be up in a couple of days, so maybe at that point I’ll go back and tweak it. (I will always make an effort to indicate when visual projects, blogs and other media have been updated and edited.)


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