Wonder drug

At the suggestion of a friend, I picked up some B12 supplement vitamins at the grocery store on my way home from work tonight. Granted, K. has a communications degree like me, not a medical degree, but she’s also vegetarian and I’m not a huge fan of going to the doctor (read: I never, ever, ever go to the doctor unless I’m dying and even at that point it’s a struggle to get me there), so I thought I’d try it.

After doing some Googling, this is what I know. Plant foods don’t have significant amounts of B12; according to this article the closest you’re going to get with veggie-friendly foods is dairy products and eggs. And one of the most common side effects is fatigue, though as I was going down the list of side effects, I’m thinking, ‘Hm, that sounds familiar or happens on occasion, so does that.’ (I realize there may be other factors that lend to that too though.)

Quite honestly, I’ve never put that much effort into being a vegetarian. I don’t like meat and when I finally figured out I had a choice and I could make myself something else for dinner, that’s what I did. A severe allergic reaction a couple of years ago made me a lot more aware of what I eat, but there are still some days when I work 12 hours and all I eat is coffee and an apple. And while I ate chicken and fish for a long time, making me actually a peskatarian, not a true vegetarian, I haven’t even eaten chicken or fish much in the past year — last time I was in the grocery store I debated over the chicken for 10 minutes before I finally realized that it really wasn’t that appealing to me. (The idea of the final product, ie cooked chicken for dinner wasn’t that appealing, not the raw meat, because is that appealing to anyone?)

As far as fatigue went — I was a university student. What else do you expect? It drove my parents crazy, that the little time I was home I was usually napping, but it did tack on an extra hour or two to the three or four hours of sleep I was getting each night. But now that I’m not in university, I still come home nearly every night and have a nap. Yes, sometimes I’m up super late and super early and work long days, but there are other days when I have a fairly normal day, and laying down for 45 minutes still happens.

I know other people who nap all the time, and they’re not vegetarians, just journalists, but I’m going to try this and see if it makes any difference. My track record for remembering to take vitamins is horrible, so I’ve put the bottle on top of my microwave with the jewellery I wear every day, so hopefully when I’m grabbing that, I remember to take the vitamins as well.

And, if anything, maybe it will give me more energy to organize and tweak this blog.


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