Word of the day

Content (adjective): In a state of peaceful happiness
Happy (adjective): feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

Even though the two definitions refer to each other, I don’t necessarily see the two words as one and the same. To be quite honest, I prefer the use of “content” over “happy,” it makes me think that maybe not everything is going exactly the way that it’s supposed to be going, but it’s going good enough.

It’s usually Tuesday nights that I’m most content, which I’m always slightly surprised at. It’s good timing though — it’s the end of my weekend, and I start my work week the following day. I’ve had two days to catch up on errands and my personal life, and life, for the most part, feels good. The following day is production of the paper too, which is one of my favourite things to do, and not a bad way at all to go back to work.

My life has slowed down a lot in the past year. I can’t even think of a good term of measurement that would describe exactly how much my life has slowed down. It’s not a good or a bad thing — all appearances aside, I was happy when I was busy. Stressed out and a little high strung too, but that still happens, so it’s not like I’m missing anything.

After I spent most of my day yesterday on my couch reading, however, it was just a crazy thought to me that I could spend all day on my couch reading, and not be worried about not doing other things. That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel guilty about not doing the dishes, and it felt so strange to be doing “nothing” that I fixed that by cranking up some Buddy Holly, doing the dishes, cleaning my apartment and going to the pool.

Just the contrast yesterday though made me remember this: When the Reflector editorial staff went to Kentucky last year, I was still trying to finish projects for the other editorial board I sat on. We landed in Kentucky, went out for dinner, and then went back to the hotel bar to drink (a mistake we didn’t make at any other point in our trip, I might add — the bar selection, not drinking). Back at the hotel, I was trying to finish some work, and was stressed out, even by my standards. J., our photo editor and one of the most laid-back guys I know, kept trying to buy me a drink, just so I would calm down a little bit. I think the conclusion we finally reached was that if he let me go back to my room for an hour so I could work, I would come back and have a drink with the board.

I’d say that’s probably one of the times I’ve been the most stressed out, and it was just funny to think of yesterday. (Makes me miss the ‘Flec staff too.) 🙂

It felt good though yesterday, to be able to bum around for the most part and still get a couple things done, in addition to the couple of things I got down today — grocery shopping, made split pea soup, went for coffee with a friend and got through a couple more pages in my book.

What I didn’t start were some of the design projects I want to start, or re-arrange this blog, though I did fix the about section.

One thing at a time, though — I keep using this as partly an excuse, but I remember reading something awhile ago that big projects are best tackled 30 minutes at a time. If you try and take something on, and work on it for hours on end one day, no matter how enthused you are about it, if you hit a dead end and finally quit, chances are you’re not going to want to come back to it the next day or the day after, because you’re already tired of it after working on it for so long in one stretch.

I don’t mind sitting down to work for something for hours on end and working through difficulties that I might encounter, but it’s an interesting thought.


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