Short and sweet

When it comes to page layouts, I think there are better ones that I’ve done, but I recently did one for the local coverage of Remembrance Day, and while I don’t mind half the spread, the photos I wanted to use on the opposing page fit really awkwardly together.

But the thing I’m kind of proud of is the 300ish-word story on the left page. As hard as I try, I’m not always the most succinct or articulate person. I can easily take 700 words to describe something that only needs 500; when we wrote our 3,500-word profile pieces in school, I gave mine to a friend to edit. She’s an awesome editor, period, but she’s also really good at finding unclear concepts and wordy passages that can go. I think my exact words to her in my email with the document were, “If you can find 129 words that I can lose, that would be fantastic” — we failed the class if we went over the 3,500 word count.

I also noticed that the blog post I did recently from my phone was a lot shorter than most of my posts, possibly because of the small medium I was working in at the time. When I saw G. in October though, he made a comment that he’s changed his writing style a little bit, to shorter stories – for a handful of reasons — and it’s a shift because he had been writing rather long for awhile (again, for various reasons). This seemed like a good chance to challenge myself — two pages, 17-point font (it looks ridiculous on paper and when you say it out loud but it makes more sense online visually) lots of photos, a need for just a little bit of a story. I think it turn out OK, except I could have used a transition probably before the fourth-last paragraph.

(Edited, Jan. 18, 2012, for content and links)


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