Cuppa joe

This morning, all I wanted when I woke up was a cup of coffee. This isn’t much deviation from my standard routine, except what I really wanted was a cup of coffee. Well, mug.

Usually my caffeine consumption happens on my way out the door — I make a pot of coffee as I’m making my lunch for work that morning, and then have usually downed my travel mug (which, if you want to get technical, is about four cups of coffee) in the next half an hour, sitting at my desk. If I just can’t seem to get it together that day, then I’ll refill my mug with office coffee, usually before noon.

On my days off though, I’ll make some coffee and start my morning usually reading.

Here’s the thing. I’m really particular about my mugs. When the Calgary Journal editors met for a potluck breakfast at the end of last year, our sports editor was pouring coffee. There were limited quantities — she was making it in a French press and it seemed none of us wanted to wait, but as she was pouring, I said, “Can I have that mug?”

Just to be clear, there wasn’t anything really special about that mug. It wasn’t bigger or smaller than the others, it didn’t even have a really cool design. But it had a slightly wider lip, like a cappuccino mug, a slightly tapered bottom, and a wide handle. These are all essential for a good coffee mug. K. looked at me kind of funny (as did probably a couple of other people), but E., who had actually lived with me for a bit that year, was just like, “Let her pick her coffee mug (and don’t ask questions).”

Remedy coffee mug

These are the coffee mugs from Remedy — just one more reason to love that coffee shop located in Edmonton, Alta.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but a while ago, someone offered me coffee in a mug, and it was all I could do not to ask for another mug, because it wasn’t my kind of mug. The redeeming factor was that the cup had a large handle, which, as you’ll note, is one of those essential factors in a good coffee mug.

There isn’t really any rhyme or reason to this — the only slightly justifiable thing is that I mentioned awhile ago that I have some issues with my hand and wrist, and small handles don’t really work for me to be able to hold comfortably. I have one mug that fits all the other criteria (and it’s got a cool design) but the handle is really small, and it’s awkward for me to hold.

So this morning, my day off, I wanted coffee in a good mug. What I got was my coffee in a travel mug, as I headed out the door to get my winter tires put on my car.


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