Fascinating Friday night

I was looking forward to curling up on my couch with a book, my laptop and some Ben & Jerry’s tonight, but my stomach seems to have other plans. Just for the record, I don’t normally have Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; whatever is on sale will do, but I was typing a text to a friend today and “been” nearly became “Ben” and ice cream has been in my head ever since.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been feeling great all week. It takes a lot to get me sick, and I mean a lot — the last time I was really sick was three years ago. Bad timing, because I had my first internship interview that day, so I crawled out of bed, went to the interview, and then went home and spent the rest of the day sleeping. The interview was a general one, the way it worked was you did that interview first, they figured out where in their chain of newspapers you might fit best and then you did another interview with the individual paper before possibly getting a job offer. Because of the economy, it took the chain a really long time to figure out which papers would be able to hire that summer and by the time they figured that out, I already had an internship placement, so I never found out if I was shortlisted for them or not (though I did get another offer from them the following summer, so my name couldn’t have been too blacklisted), but I don’t think it was my greatest interview (though the award of my worst interview goes to another incident all together…).

Since then, it’s just been colds and such, and that happens because I do dumb things like take six classes in my last semester of university, sit as an editor on two different papers and have way too much in general going on in my life.

So I think my body is trying to get sick, but it hasn’t happened yet. The worst is that I just keep feeling really dizzy — not necessarily when I stand up, but I’ll be sitting and it just feels like all of a sudden someone has grabbed my head and pushed me sideways. When you already faint as much as I do (not something I’m proud of, but it happens and like I say, it’s a fun party trick) it’s not a pleasant feeling.

As a sidenote, taking B12 vitamins seems to be working awesome and I’m not nearly as tired anymore, ie I don’t come home and nap every day, but the downside is right now even though I don’t feel great, a nap doesn’t necessarily make me feel better, because I’m not tired.


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