Same old same old

As NaBloPoMo was coming to a close, I was thinking about how relatively easy it had become to blog every day. Then November actually came to a close and I haven’t blogged in four days. Although I did start working on a post when I was waiting for an event to start, but then I got busy.

It feels slightly strange, to use the word “busy” to describe these last couple of days. Compared to what “busy” used to mean to me, this doesn’t even come close. But it’s been — something — this last week, if not just a lot of late nights: I made cookies with a friend Tuesday night, finally going to bed sometime around midnight, worked for a bit Wednesday night but had a fairly tame evening otherwise, worked rather late Thursday night, drove to Edmonton and back on Friday to see a theatre group, and Saturday was ridiculous, as I had a bunch of events to shoot and put a paper together. The good thing is that it’s the digital paper, so I don’t have to meet any press deadlines and while it’s not exactly fun to be PDFing a paper at 8 p.m. when you’ve worked all day, it’s possible to do when it’s digital and not hardcopy. In hindsight, I shot way more photos than I needed (it was an all-day event with a bunch of things going on at different times) which is frustrating, because I could have used that time shooting to be putting the paper together, but at the same time, I guess it’s always better to have too many photos rather than too few.

I’m excited for tomorrow — like always, my apartment needs to be cleaned, since the minute I turn my back the dishes start multiplying, but I think I’ll be able to finish my super secret project, and once I do that, I’ll be able to post pictures not immediately, but soon. Also hoping to start working on some Illustrator files, just for fun, so we’ll see how that goes.

Mondays and Tuesdays are the easiest days to blog, since they’re my days off. I have a couple of ideas though that I didn’t get to in November, so if I only stick to Mondays and Tuesdays, I’m going to have a lot of backlogged ideas, which I think is both good and bad.

On a related note, I think the exercise helped me find my voice, a little bit. It’s pretty easy to realize when I’m barking up the wrong tree with a column idea, because I just can’t write it for love or money, but when I do have a good idea, I don’t think the finished product sounds half bad either.

And one more note: the only days I actually missed for blogging were the 11th and 26th, because I was travelling and sick respectively. It looks like there’s a blog post missing from the 2nd, but there’s something screwy with the imported posts time stamp, and so the 2nd is missing but the 8th got duplicated.


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