All I want for Christmas is a futon

It didn’t take my parents long to redo my room when I moved out. I moved out at the end of December last year, and by February, my dad had painted over the black and white checkered pattern and pink walls (think ’50s diner) in my former room with beige.

There’s also a bunch of exercise equipment in there now, though my dad did go out and buy a camp bed for when I’m back on weekends and such.

For the next week, for Christmas, I will be sleeping either on the couch or the floor at my parents’ house.

I hate that camp bed. It’s like a cot, except it has an air mattress instead of just a regular mattress, and I swear, the air mattress leaks. (He doesn’t believe me.) However, to make matters worse, the mattress is made of this crinkly fabric, and because it loses air, it makes loud crinkly sounds when I roll over in the middle of the night and I wake myself up. Also, it’s just uncomfortable because as it loses air, I sink into the middle and can’t roll to one side or the other.

But, like I said, he doesn’t believe me. He blows it up every weekend I come home and swears it’s fine. If I feel like humouring him, I’ll spend one night sleeping on it, and spend the other nights sleeping on the floor, the couch or if someone remembers to run an extension cord out to our fifth-wheel trailer and turn on the heat, I’ll sleep in there. (The nice thing is that I can still pick up our wi-fi in the trailer.)

Granted, I’m a fan of Ikea. But even if I weren’t, I think I would still be advocating strongly for a futon in place of that stupid camp bed. That’s also saying something, because I’ve had my fair share of “fun” with futons too — I accidentally flipped one, one year when a bunch of us were sitting on it, then everyone but me got up and I tipped, and the one in my Edmonton apartment was stupid heavy and I couldn’t figure out at first how to switch it from couch to bed, and then couldn’t get the mattress back onto the frame when I moved it back from bed to couch.

I’ve already bought my parents’ Christmas gifts, but my dad’s birthday is in July, and I might be getting them a futon. In the meantime, if anyone has a spare futon they’d like to get rid of…


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