Link love

My day started off pretty lazy — most of it has to do with the fact that I have no desire to do the dishes that have been multiplying in the sink. I want to do some baking though, so they’ll have to get done sooner rather than later. I’m pretending to work by cleaning out my Twitter favourites — the list is getting out of control again, and so I can pretend it is an urgent task, while really it’s just enjoyable that I have time to peruse articles I don’t have time for otherwise.

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600 km north, 365 days later

Honestly, blogging hasn’t exactly been first and foremost in my mind. Even though I’ve been doing pictures for project 365, I’ve fallen behind on uploading them, partially because one of them needs to be colour-corrected and I hate doing things in bits and pieces.

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Just click

On New Year’s Day, rather quickly, a couple of girl friends and I decided that we were going to tackle Project 365 — taking a photo a day — together. I say rather quickly because as K. and I were discussing it on Twitter, Z. joined in and said she’d like to take part too, but none of us set a start date until I mentioned it. Then K. proposed right then as a start date.

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