One avenue over

Project 365 is still bugging me a little. I don’t have this wonderfully fantastic, interesting life where I can take beautiful, interesting pictures every day, all day. That means there are going to be pictures of my messy desk and a street corner and my laptop.

But the thing I’m realizing, is it’s just another way to tell a story. As of now, I blog once or twice a week, when there’s something rattling around in my brain that I can write 500 words on, or if I see a cool link and again, I can add another 500 words on why I think it’s cool. But the little things in my day, like the fact that my friends and I had this funny Twitter conversation this morning about the classes we took in university – who would want to read a 500-word blog post on that? But if I posted a picture of my iCal from fourth-year and K.’s comment on her own schedule: “It’s not six classes, but b-cast, Media Tech & Net, Theory and Practice AND Senior Journal Projects? WHO SLIPPED ME CRAZY PILLS?” Considering it was a 140-character comment that sparked a 10-minute discussion between four people, yeah, I think a photo and a couple comments could make for a short, cute 200-word story.

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to make print not act like print. Yeah, I can embed that widget there, of course I can add that video there, and hey, what if we used this link there?

It’s a different way of telling a story, getting people interested. It doesn’t always have to take 10,000 words.


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