Odds and ends

The theme continues — there is still a lot going on in my life that I either can’t talk about or don’t want to talk about, and thus it serves as the excuse for not blogging.

Granted, there are a couple things that pop up in my head that are too long for a tweet or seemingly too short for a blog post, but the ideas are still kicking around. And so, a grab bag blog post of sorts, with all kinds of odds and ends.

I was in Calgary this weekend, because of a synchro exhibition. The last one that M. did, there were parents everywhere, which she didn’t want again, so she asked if I would be an extra pair of hands, since I know what I’m doing, and thus M. didn’t have to rely on parent volunteers. We have all done enough shows to know nothing ever goes smoothly, but, with the exception of a little bit of yelling at the very end, this one went pretty good. I went to practice in the morning, not knowing what I’d be needed for, and I actually ended up coaching a team for about half an hour. I miss it enough that it felt good to be coaching again, but I still remember all the time and agony that goes into it when you’re coaching every week.
Running errands, picking up last minute things and then of course doing hair and makeup is always the part that kills us, no matter how organized we try to be — and believe me, we were organized. I’m not very good at doing makeup on other people (or me, for that matter) so I do hair and knox, but I also discovered that even after 12 years of the pool, I’m still good at French braids and knoxing, and have problems doing ponytails on anyone but myself.
Beers after all was said and done fixed any of our problems, of course.
Except apparently I’m expected to swim a duet in June. (And here I was hoping I could cut my hair short again after this weekend.)

17th Avenue, Calgary.

After lunch with K. downtown on Monday, I decided to walk back to my grandfather’s house instead of taking the bus. According to the fitness app on my iPhone, it’s about five miles and took me about an hour and a half, but I was also stopping to shop at some of the stores along 17th Avenue. I stopped to examine this store sign — if you know anything about music history, you know what it’s referring to, and I found that kind of interesting. All of a sudden, my internal dialogue starts analyzing the sign — well, what is it about the typography that makes us associate it with the Beatles? Are the serifs important to the overall look? Etc.
Side note: Have been wearing my copy editor’s necklace this week — had to explain it to M.B., and although it took B. a minute to figure it out (it was flipped around) she laughed at me cause it is kind of so perfect for me.

Word and thought association is funny — I had a three-day weekend this week to drive to Calgary, and left Saturday night. Because I wasn’t keen about driving to Calgary at 2 in the morning, I left Lloyd at about 5 p.m., with some stuff still to file from home. But I made sure to file everything that I wouldn’t be able to file from home before I left the office.
Or so I thought.
This happened as I was driving through Leduc (I’ve developed stopping points on my roadtrip route where I always get gas, etc., and Leduc fits my “criteria” nicely): Drive past the Second Cup where I locked my keys in my car last April, and think of the recent conversation about said incident that I just had with C. That makes me think of the fact that we’ve been friends for a year now, because it was last year at an annual event that we stopped to chat and decided to go for coffee, and that annual event just passed on Friday this year.
Oh crap. I didn’t file the photos from that event that I just shot.

Met up with a friend in Edmonton yesterday, and, despite a disappointing turn of events, had a nice dessert and dinner hangout with her (and yes, in that order). Social media is funny — I know I knew of her before I met her in person, and we’re finding that we have all this crazy overlap in our lives. She had been in Calgary for a different event this same weekend as well, but I guess a bunch of swim girls were staying at her hotel, which she thought was related to the synchro exhibition (it wasn’t). We know we have one mutual friend, but it turns out we have another one too — and since both of us are journalists, you’d expect a little/a lot of overlap, but the crazy part is neither of these mutual friends are in journalism.

Both my one year in Lloyd and my one-year blogversary have passed quietly and without much mention. It’s in the back of my brain though, and I think deserves a little bit more than just a paragraph. Stay tuned.

Last thing: I discovered this blog today, and I think it’s a really cool idea, but insanely labour-intensive. Trying to figure out the details of the A to Z challenge; even though it technically has passed, I may try it here.


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