More than 140 characters

My favourite Disney movie of all time is Beauty and the Beast. It’s closely followed by The Lion King, but definitely when I was a kid, Beauty and the Beast won, hands down.

I haven’t watched it in ages, but now and then, things will pop up and it feels like my entire childhood makes sense.

I was photographing a 4-H showcase today, and one of the kids had a Clydesdale horse. Since they’re not exactly common show horses, I forget how much I love Clydesdales until I see one. In case you haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast either in awhile, Belle’s horse Phillipe was a Clydesdale.

Of course, I can’t find the meme now that I want to use it, but there’s a photo going around with Belle and the Beast dancing in the ballroom, juxtaposed with a picture of the Beast’s library in the castle. The writing on it says something along the lines of, “All the little girls were in awe of Belle getting her prince, I just wanted the library.”(If I find it again I will post it.)

(edit, June 5: Found it! Credit)

Beauty and the Beast meme, prince, libraryI can relate.

Oh, and I once asked my mom why she named me Catherine. I guess in the non-animated version of Beauty and the Beast, the actress’ name is Catherine.

I love that movie.

(I would have tweeted this if I could, but obviously it takes a little bit more than 140 characters to explain all of that. It’s just a fun story.)


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