Are you allowed to change the rules?

The duffel bags have been unpacked. I came back from yoga this morning (which was cancelled, sadly) and since I was already in fairly comfy clothes, it was reasonable that it would be easy to pull clothes on and off, deciding whether they should stay or go.

First, I did a count of my closet. Fifty-one items, give or take a shirt. I’m considering applying the 12-item-or-less checkout rule: if it’s the same item, it doesn’t count as more than one. (When I was a cashier, people like that drove me nuts. And actually still do.) The main thing that this would apply to would be my jeans and tank tops (I probably wear a tank top every day, either under an item of clothing or as a layer), but could extend to sweaters. But we’ll come back to that. Continue reading


Pick and choose

I have a sorta secret.

“Sorta” because a lot of people already know this about me, and if they don’t, they figure it out pretty quickly. Even though I just moved, it won’t be the last time I move, unfortunately. In the next two years or so, I plan on moving one more time. This time, at least, it won’t be intra-provincial, just intra-city. I want to move into a place where I can have a dog.
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Sum of all the parts

It’s common sense that people are products of their life experiences, I just never expected it to happen to me.

The security deposit for my Lloydminster apartment arrived in the mail today, and with that, I think I can safely say that chapter of my life is closed. Which is really strange, considering how upset I was on Sunday about something going on in the Border City. Continue reading

Skyscrapers for grain elevators, and canola fields for a river valley

In the last two weeks, I kept having minor, five-minute freakouts. They were based on the fact that I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing, quitting my newspaper job, accepting a new job in communications, and moving to Edmonton. Usually the calming factor was a mix of old text messages from friends and just talking to friends, but still, a five-minute freakout is a five-minute freakout.

All things considered then, this week has gone very smoothly. Continue reading