Pick and choose

I have a sorta secret.

“Sorta” because a lot of people already know this about me, and if they don’t, they figure it out pretty quickly. Even though I just moved, it won’t be the last time I move, unfortunately. In the next two years or so, I plan on moving one more time. This time, at least, it won’t be intra-provincial, just intra-city. I want to move into a place where I can have a dog.

(Note: if you’re wondering why I just didn’t do that the first time, it’s because quickly finding a place to live was more important than finding a place to live with a dog. Also, the longest I’ve lived in one place was the last place I was in in Lloyd — 12 months. Before that, I haven’t lived in one place/one city for a full year in nearly four years. So I think I really need to settle — into a city, if not an actual apartment/condo/house/what have you — before I can get a dog. Moving into a place where I can’t immediately have a dog is actually probably good for me.)

This constant upheaval, though, means that I’m decent at moving. And every time I do, I’m slightly frustrated with the number of boxes that it takes me to move. I know that some of this stuff never sees the light of day, I’m just moving it from one place to the next to the next to the next, because it seems easier than convincing myself that if I haven’t used it in the past X number of months, I probably don’t need it.

Case in point: this Lloydminster to Edmonton move that I just did was a two-parter. Because I was working in Edmonton for a week before I moved all my stuff, I packed a Rubbermaid tote and part of a laundry basket with clothes that I would need; everything else went into two duffel bags.

Closet of clothes

Give or take a couple of sweaters and shirts, this is what I was living with that first week.

Up until a couple of days ago, those duffel bags had not been opened since they were unloaded out of my car. I have a couple spare tank tops in there, I think that’s what I was looking for and why they’ve been opened. However, other than that, you can see that they’ve gone untouched.

Believe it or not, there is actually another small duffel bag under that … pile.

So when I came across Project 333 yesterday, I was very intrigued. And a little nervous. Jeans and a T-shirt are the best options in a newsroom; that doesn’t translate so well into more of a corporate workplace. So I’m piecing together a lot of outfits right now, with lukewarm success.

I think I can do it — the duffel bags are a starting point. I’ve already been using my dresser to store things that are on the brink of being tossed, etc., so I think I’ll continue to do that, with my 33 items for the three months visible in my closet (this also helps that because I’m a really visual person, I’m more likely to forget about something if I can’t see it). Also, I’m not saying I’ll stick to the three months — I’m not sure some of the July/August clothes will work very well going into October. But it is a start — this blog had a good chronicle of a Project 333 too (there are four entries total, you might have to click around a bit).

I’ll definitely post what my 33 items are going to be this weekend, and I’ll probably explain what I’m tossing/packing away too (note: I did toss a couple of pairs of jeans and a few tops before I left Lloyd, as well).


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