Are you allowed to change the rules?

The duffel bags have been unpacked. I came back from yoga this morning (which was cancelled, sadly) and since I was already in fairly comfy clothes, it was reasonable that it would be easy to pull clothes on and off, deciding whether they should stay or go.

First, I did a count of my closet. Fifty-one items, give or take a shirt. I’m considering applying the 12-item-or-less checkout rule: if it’s the same item, it doesn’t count as more than one. (When I was a cashier, people like that drove me nuts. And actually still do.) The main thing that this would apply to would be my jeans and tank tops (I probably wear a tank top every day, either under an item of clothing or as a layer), but could extend to sweaters. But we’ll come back to that.

So, the duffel bags. I may have been overreacting at first when I said there is nothing in there that I need — one bag was comprised mainly of long-sleeve shirts, bathing suits (I’m allowed to have more than one, thanks to synchro, just FYI) and fancy clothes for those once-in-a-blue-moon occasions.

Still, I managed to create five piles.

Clockwise, from top left:

  • long sleeve shirts that I will die in if I wear during the summer. There is at least one shirt in here that could probably go, maybe two.
  • Clothes that I only wear on specific occasions, slightly dressier. This pile includes a strapless dress and long shirts to wear over leggings.
  • Stuff that can probably be tossed but I can’t quite part with yet. This would be the 33 pile, and where I want to change the rules slightly.
  • Items that I am never, ever going to toss, whether they fit anymore or are appropriate to wear or not. Yes, that’s a Flames jersey on top. But besides the jersey, this pile includes T-shirts from marching band tours and other very specific shirts with a very specific meaning to them. (There are also two sweaters in the closet that this applies to.)
  • Items to be tossed.
Duffel bag contents, sorted

Duffel bag contents, sorted.

With the exception of the long sleeve shirts and the dressy pile, three of these piles meet the 333 goals essentially. So it’s a start.

To a point, my problem is still too many clothes. But the problem is also having the right clothes. Honestly, I’m still wearing some clothes from high school (that still fit). Even so, those should still probably go. So where my rules are going to change is that I can have my 33 pile (the out-of-sight, out-of-mind and soon-to-be-tossed) but every time I buy something new, I have to donate/toss something.

This way, I’m still getting rid of things, but I’m building a wardrobe that works for me. And there’s nothing to say that I can’t still toss clothing that just doesn’t work and there’s no replacement for.

So my closet hasn’t changed much. It’s a little more organized — some stuff had gotten out of place — but it’s still pretty much pants, sweaters, dresses and skirts, and tops. The change will come mostly in my tops, though I wouldn’t mind some change in dress pants. I have no idea what I’m going to wear when it gets too cold to wear skirts.

The closet, resorted

The closet, resorted.


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