Yes, I’m a little late in starting NaBloPoMo. But again, my defense is that technically all the posts to this point were written on the right days. They just weren’t posted on the right days.

Writing a blog post every day for the next month has me thinking a little bit though. If I do it for one month, why can’t I keep going afterwards? Especially this last summer, my blog posting fell off by a ton.And trust me, I know the social media metrics. Consistency and engagement are key. And I guess it’s one thing to say “Practice what you preach,” but if asked to define what my end goal with Twitter is, it’s to connect to people I wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to know/meet, share interesting links and ideas, and (for lack of better word) broadcast thoughts. And this blog, in a sense, is an extension of the latter two, share interesting links and ideas, and explain thoughts that cannot be condensed in 140 characters.

So should it be consistent? Maybe (yes). It isn’t though, and I’m OKish with that. Except when I prove to myself that I can more or less write a blog post every day, and yet can’t remain consistent for the rest of the year.

I honestly don’t know how I managed to write a post every day last year, and yet, being in a new city with more things to do, it should be even less daunting this year, but it isn’t. So I’ve already come up with a backup plan.

On the days I can’t think of what to post, I’ll fall back on the A to Z blogging challenge. Hopefully, I’ll make it through November without making it through the alphabet, and that will give me more reason to continue blogging consistently. (I have no idea how I’ll pick my words for each letter though.) I also have one (maybe two?) other idea(s) to incorporate into this, to make it more about than just the words (ooh, writing that sentence makes me think of a tangent that could be a blog post…), and they could continue past November, but you’ll see soon enough if those come to fruition…


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