Just sayin’

A quote from a friend this weekend will at first seem a bit of a stretch, but I swear, it’s all related.

Upon telling Z. that I still haven’t put my snow tires on yet, she replied, “You live in Edmonton, and it’s November. Really??”

Honestly, most of the reason I haven’t put my snow tires on? The damn things are really, really heavy. Plus winter has been kind so far this year. Until yesterday, anyways.

And while at least I don’t have to haul them up three flights of stairs like I did in my last apartment, I still have to get them into the elevator, down eight storeys and into my car. While that probably requires less physical exertion on my part, it will probably require more time (I know, like, an extra 10 minutes) because of said eight storeys and an elevator. Oh, and I have to dig the things out of my storage closet too.

Snow tires

This closet is actually fairly organized. Until you actually need something in one of those boxes, or the tires behind the piece of furniture (not really pictured).

Whenever something is more difficult for me because I’m single, I joke that it would be a good reason to get a boyfriend. I’m not getting into that whole kettle of fish about being single and whether I want to be or not, but let me say this: I am glad I have the chance to be independent. Yes, I still rely on a friend in Lloydminster to have the right kind of screwdrivers and do the boy things, like diagnose my car problems, that I sometimes need (good thing I’m good friends with his girlfriend too), but I also know that to the best of my ability and to an acceptable extent, I can make fairly decent meals, balance my bank account and take care of all those fun adult responsibilities (laundry on a Saturday night, anyone?) in a timely manner. That’s not to say, however, that I don’t sometimes eat popcorn for dinner, run out of clean socks and wonder how I’ve survived this long without an “adult” to supervise.

All I can say is, if I’ve learned to do this all myself, I can just hope that it makes me a better person if/when there’s another person too. But the fact that I can do it all myself, without anyone else, I think is pretty important.

Just saying.


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