Maybe Mother Nature is telling me something…

Since I don’t have access right now to the blog post that I wrote earlier today and was going to post tonight, today’s blog post has turned into a simple to-do list.

Edmonton (and now Calgary) is getting hit with a ton of snow right now, and yesterday morning, more than anything else, I wanted to call in a snow day. Of course I went into work, but still, it sounded really appealing. The temperature isn’t great, but I’m actually pretty glad I can walk to work, because the roads are nasty. There’s a serious layer of ice under the snow that won’t stop falling, and even walking is difficult at times. I’ve heard of all the gridlock and accidents across the city, but didn’t realize exactly how bad it was until I drove three blocks to drop off my car to put on the winter tires, and three blocks back. Not fun at all.

I was hoping to go out to Sherwood Park, St. Albert and Spruce Grove tomorrow — Sherwood Park to drop off library books, St. Albert to drop off some kitchen items that belong to a friend, and Spruce Grove because if their stationary/office supply store isn’t any good, I’m going back to Lloydminster. Another friend is on her way out to Sherwood Park tomorrow, so to save me the trip she took my library books. And the trips to St. A/Spruce Grove aren’t urgent, it’s just something I want to do. Which is probably  a bad idea.

Because at home, I’ve certainly got enough to do:

  • clean. My kitchen is still feeling the effects of last weekend’s cider making, mostly in the dishes department.
  • work on my super secret Christmas project. I’m doing mockups this year, which I’m pretty sure are a good idea, but I’m getting more frustrated than when I was doing it last year, because I just want to work on the project, in one neat bundle. Speaking of one neat bundle, this still requires trips to various stores in the city, and the afore-mentioned Spruce Grove trip.
  • work on the patchwork quilt I want to make for myself, because right now I’m using my comforter off my bed when I’m cold on the couch.
  • work on three bags I want to sew for myself — one for the pool (because I just have a massive duffel that worked good for synchro but is way too big for a simple pool trip) one for overnight so I’m not using reusable grocery bags, and one for work so I’m not trying to cram my lunch, a book, my wallet and miscellaneous things into my purse — and maybe a laptop case. This also requires a trip to the fabric store, and while I’m there I might as well get material for some pillows I want to make too.
  • make apple pies with the leftover apples we didn’t use for cider.
  • pickle carrots.
  • either sort out this blog page or build something I’m happy with in Google. Have worked in Wix but not happy that it published even when I specifically didn’t publish it. Might as well update some things on my portfolio page while I’m at it.

So I can understand if Mother Nature is trying to tell me something, by snowing the city in. But it is a little frustrating too.


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