A is for … (a bunch of things)

Thinking up words for each letter of the alphabet is hard. Or at least for A, it is. I think I already know what words I want to use for the letters C, R and S.

I’ve worked on a couple of different projects today — pickling carrots, cleaning and one of my Christmas projects — and while working on the last project, was thinking of a word to blog about, since I don’t have much else interesting to say. The roads are still crap and I think my carrots turned out OK, if you’re wondering.

Anyways. There are two contenders for the letter A (“actions” would have been the third one but I’ve decided I don’t want to share that thought):

  • Always: This was the first one that came to mind. Mostly in the context of “Always underpromise and overdeliver” — I like to think I’m good at what I do, and when I don’t know the answer, I’ll usually try to figure it out, either by throwing together some solution using tools I already know, or starting from the bottom and figuring it out the proper way. (Which worked out well for me on Friday, I was asked about a function I didn’t know if our newsletter website could do, and not only did I figure it out, I’ve also learned one more function of the backend of our newsletter-building. Which will hopefully be very useful as we try to fine tune the mailouts.)
    “Always” is a constant too — one of the habits that I can’t and won’t kick from university is that I sleep with my phone on. Even with Apple’s new “do not disturb” feature, I don’t have that turned on either. I get woken up, fairly often, by inane texts and tweets from nightowl friends, but I just shrug it off (and sometimes even manage to reply coherently), because there have been the handful of times when there’s a reason for someone waking me up.
  • Attention: This isn’t so much about my attention span, but more whether or not I’m simply paying attention, whether others realize it or not. My memory is good enough that if I am paying even the slightest bit of attention to you, it’s likely I won’t forget the conversation, the setting, even what everyone was wearing. I hate admitting it, but if I’m telling someone that I forgot something, there’s only really only two reasons: I’m exhausted and I really don’t have the brainpower to remember, or it’s a bit of a white lie, because I’ve had enough people tell me it’s bizarre the amount of details I can remember.
  • Bonus word: As always, apples: I still have two bags of them in my fridge, so the leftover pie dough that I had from making rhubarb-cherry pie this summer is defrosting on the counter. I’ll probably make a bunch of pies and freeze them; I just realized too that I still have rhubarb in the freezer that I was going to make compote with, but since I don’t have orange juice, I might make rhubarb-apple pie? Also might run out of pie plates though…

Just curious — what word would you choose for the letter A?

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