Pens, paper and Christmas

Christmas cards have always been a little important to me, but last year, I started making my own and mailing them. I thought I was being smart this year — not only did I start thinking about it at the end of October, but I found all of my designs, mocked them up, and then started working. The benefit to this was that I wasn’t scrambling at the end to find “easy” designs. However, I think next year is going to be really hard, because I’m sure even these cards this year were harder than the ones last year.

That said, everyone now has their Christmas cards (after two personal deliveries today, two days after Christmas proper) and I like to show my work. As far as I know, most everyone has gotten theirs, though I’m worried at least one might have gotten lost. A couple more comments on the gallery this year (compared to last year’s post), especially concerning materials. Although there are still a few things I like to keep secret.

On the back of every card, I draw three paw prints, with “Kat” written in green, kind of as my mark. Even though some of these are inks and some of these have a million little pieces, I think this disclaimer should be right next to the paw prints: “All cards made with equal amounts of love.”

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