Cuddle your introvert

Disclaimer: the title for this post is totally borrowed from a friend. I more or less bolted from the #makesomethingyeg launch party tonight, after toughing it out for about two hours and finally giving in to being terrified by the idea of mingling. On my way home, I texted a friend, asking if I could crash her apartment for a chai tea latte. (She makes really good chai tea lattes.) Continue reading


Watering my patch of Internet

Everything that I know about gardening is … not a lot. I managed to nearly successfully raise a tomato plant two summers ago, even carting it to a friend’s house so he could look after it for the 10 days I was on vacation. However, last summer, with minimal effort, I managed to kill my second attempt at a tomato plant in record time. Possibly due to minimal effort.

After acquiring a pallet late last August and inspired by Pinterest, I plan to build a vertical garden this summer. I expect to kill a couple tomato plants while doing it, but it’s a start, and will hopefully yield something.

In that case, I’m well aware that I’m starting from square one, and that’s OK. I don’t know a lot about gardening, and I’ll learn something this summer.

What I do feel I have a fairly good handle on, however, is the Internet. Give me a couple of hours and allow me to sigh loudly when frustrated, and I can probably have at least the basics of any digital media platform worked out shortly. I love analytics, and some days, it just seems like there’s too much interesting content on the Internet and not enough appropriate time/ways/channels to share it.

If the Internet were a community garden, the plots that were most attractive and produced high yields would use analytics smartly, incorporate a variety of media, and both curate and create good content. Continue reading