Some #JanuaryCure thoughts

Every now and then, I have a moment where I realize that I might stay in this city forever, and it freaks me out a little bit. Until university, I lived my entire life in one house, in one city, but once I started my internships, I haven’t lived anywhere longer than a year and a half a year. (It’s a technicality: I lived in Lloydminster for a year and a half, but lived in two different apartments, for six months and a year respectively.)

I’ve done it enough times at this point, moving isn’t a big deal anymore. But even though I’ve now lived in one city and one apartment for nearly 19 months, moving is still very much on my mind, in the sense that each time I acquire something, I think, “How am I going to move that?” “Will I move that, or will I leave it behind or replace it?”

For me, #JanuaryCure is about organization more than decluttering — because I don’t see the point in acquiring and then moving stuff I don’t use very often, I don’t really have a lot to declutter (though that’s changing as friends express shock at the appliances and things I just do without; I now have approximately four bottle openers, for example). Part of that organization means purchasing things that work in this apartment (specifically) that make my life easier and less messy— bins for under the bathroom sink, a cupboard for over the toilet, cupboards and a table for some of the closets.

The other part of it is permanence. I have already hung more art in this place than I ever did in Lloydminster, and #JanuaryCure means I finally had two photos printed that will complete a frame I bought in Vermilion and can finally hang. Maybe not this month specifically, but I have been also hanging on to four canvases as well that I want to paint and hang in my bedroom, and that’s still a part of #JanuaryCure. And, the most recent (slightly frustrating) one is that during the bedroom cleanup, I hung a full-length mirror that has been propped against the wall since I moved here. It was hung on the wall in Lloydminster, but I just never got around to hanging it when I moved here. I still had to talk myself into hanging in on the weekend, and that was a big part of, “OK. I might be staying here a while.”

(As an aside, I do love this city. More specifically, I have a pretty cute, downtown apartment that fits my lifestyle, in a building that I share with a neighbour and friend — meaning there is almost always someone around to borrow an ingredient from or draw motivation from when freelancing or go for a late-night run or come up for a late-night cup of tea after a bad day… . This post is more about my headspace on actually settling and embracing a space, because it’s not something I’ve ever consciously done.)


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