#JanuaryCure lessons

Last year, I didn’t get very far into the January Cure. I kept falling behind during the week, with plans to catch up during the weekend, and that never happened. Although I continued to fall behind this year, there were two differences that did allow me to catch up on the weekends — two girl friends also did the Cure, one who I ended up doing a lot of home-related errands with, and while I had planned to skip the get-together at the end of the month last year, this year I signed on to it as well (in for a penny, in for a pound), which meant I had to have my place clean by the end of the month. Additionally, I triaged the assignments and was able to recognize when I didn’t need an assignment (electrical cords are fairly well under control at my place), giving me another day of catchup where I needed it.

There were three interesting things that happened during the month, at least one of which I hope to continue throughout the rest of the year.

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