I write, I swim, I read, I eat veggies. So normally that’s what I blog about too.

There a lot of things I could tell you about me, but you can probably figure a lot of that out from the blog posts. The overview: I’m a 20-something girl who was born and raised in Calgary and accidentally fell in love with Edmonton during two summer internships. Through a roundabout way (I’m not kidding, no one can look at my resume and understand where I’m from because of all the in-between living), I’ve come back to Edmonton, where I’m working in a communications capacity.

I’m extremely passionate about editing, Buddy Holly and a good story, and I guess I can be fairly driven. I love being given a problem and some ideas to solutions, and then allowed to “play” until I hit upon a possible fix, especially when it comes to digital innovations.

I am an extremely visual and auditory person — the best way for me to explain something is to show examples of something that has already been done; when I’m working something out I like to think out loud and doodle ideas. That said, I’ve got a pretty good memory and get strange looks when I can remember small (visual) details that others can’t.

Despite the fact that I have a major in communications and make my living talking to people, I’m pretty quiet in my personal life. I tease one of my friends that he had to “force” me to be his friend, because even though we’re on equal footing now, he, at first, always had to be the one to ask me to go for coffee and hang out and do things together.

But good conversations about anything — whether it’s something I know a lot about or something I know nothing about and am learning from the other person — are my favourite, and when I’m with interesting people, I could sit for hours with them.


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