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On New Year’s Day, rather quickly, a couple of girl friends and I decided that we were going to tackle Project 365 — taking a photo a day — together. I say rather quickly because as K. and I were discussing it on Twitter, Z. joined in and said she’d like to take part too, but none of us set a start date until I mentioned it. Then K. proposed right then as a start date.

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Shiny things (read: distractions)

The bookshelf is beginning to rule my life. Every time I have some free time, I think, “I have to read.” Which, by the way, completely takes the joy out of reading (so I’m trying to avoid that too). And every time I pick up something that is not originally from my bookshelf, I think, “I am never going to get through my bookshelf.”

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Something borrowed, loaned or digital — the bookshelf that will not die

Note: K. posted this morning about Na(tional)Blo(g)Po(sting)Mo(nth), and I’m intrigued. I’ve heard horror stories from another friend about Na(tional)No(vel)Wri(ting)Mo(nth), and I hear he’s trying it again, but I don’t envy him. A blog post every day though? Maybe, if my somewhat/sometimes crazy schedule will allow it. I try to keep my posting to once or twice a week, mostly because I don’t think I’m that interesting, but I guess that means I’m just going to have to be more interesting this month. We’ll see.

Earlier this year, I talked about cleaning out my bookshelf.

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