Pens, paper and Christmas

Christmas cards have always been a little important to me, but last year, I started making my own and mailing them. I thought I was being smart this year — not only did I start thinking about it at the end of October, but I found all of my designs, mocked them up, and then started working. Continue reading


Christmas snail mail

For various reasons, I wasn’t really looking forward to Christmas this year. I went through all the motions, and did enjoy that part of it — I love finding gifts for people that they wouldn’t necessarily think of, but are still so perfect.

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Cooking up trouble

Note: I was planning to blog about something journalism related tonight. But I didn’t write anything today and this is quicker than the discussion of another blog that I want to do, so to get my NaBloPoMo done, here it is.

Considering how much I like snack-y foods, I actually don’t do that much baking. My oven is mostly used for making things like banana breads, pita chips and homemade potato fries.

My “baking cupboard” is pretty well stocked, mind you, with vanilla extract and baking soda/powder and all those things, but again, I use them for breads or muffins. Not cookies.

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Dollar store digging

Every spring, myself and the two ladies I coached synchronized swimming with became queens of the dollar store. All the props, decorations, hair accessories, other accessories — nearly everything came from the dollar store. If I had to put reasoning behind it, I guess it was because a) we were using it in the pool so it was going to get wet and probably ruined and b) we were only going to use it for one or two exhibitions.

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Christmas crazies

This year, people can actually talk to me about Christmas, at this point in the year, without me wanting to scream. That does not mean that the Christmas decorations that I saw today at West Edmonton Mall are OK (it’s not even Halloween yet!) but being able to talk to me about Christmas without me screaming is a definite improvement. Continue reading