A different kind of math

Surprisingly — to me at least — there are a couple of things in math I’m actually good at. Logs and algebra in particular were actually enjoyable for me, though there were other units, like circle geometry, that confused the heck out of me.

I understand though why some people like math — there’s always a set formula, there’s always a right answer. On that note, I also really liked chemistry, though the moment a friend turned to me during a spare period and said, “Do you understand what’s going on with the equilibrium unit?” was one of the best moments ever, because that was my worst chem section, and no, I didn’t have a clue.

Anyways, in that right-wrong, black-white sense, editing is my math.

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Cuppa joe

This morning, all I wanted when I woke up was a cup of coffee. This isn’t much deviation from my standard routine, except what I really wanted was a cup of coffee. Well, mug.

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