Pens, paper and Christmas

Christmas cards have always been a little important to me, but last year, I started making my own and mailing them. I thought I was being smart this year — not only did I start thinking about it at the end of October, but I found all of my designs, mocked them up, and then started working. Continue reading


Apples, carrots and pears

First, some background: in August, I mentioned to a friend, L., that I had been picking apples and thought it might be fun to make apple cider. I used the term “cider” loosely, thinking more along the lines of apple juice. She latched on to the word “cider,” however, dragged our mutual friend D. into the process as well, and so for the past three months, my fridge has been looking something like this: Continue reading

Give a girl a staple gun (and a screwdriver)…

I’ve been tweeting pictures of this project as I put it together, but I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turned out, and it’s the first big project like this I’ve done, so I thought I’d put the sequence up here to share.

Every August, St. Walburg (about an hour northeast of Lloydminster) has their Blueberry Festival. Since the town is only about 800 people, it’s a good time for garage sales too. I was up there to shoot photos for the paper, but I also wandered around some garage sales, and found these chairs. Continue reading