Perspective in strange places

Today, during an open hoop jam, I finally figured out lifts. Off my hips, onto my right hand, switch to my left and twirl it back onto my hips, keep hooping. Now that I’ve got that done, I started trying to do it faster — instead of hooping really long before grabbing it off my hips, and then twirling it on my hands for 30 seconds before switching hands and twirling back down, I’m trying to get a good hoop movement, pull it off my hips, switch hands immediately and get it back to my hips, one fluid motion.

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Jumping through hoops — kind of

There is plenty of proof that I am not an athletic, or even a co-ordinated, person. The scar on my chin is from an argument I had with the bathtub when I was really little; the scar beside my right eyebrow is from a mailbox I swear was not there 30 seconds before I hit it.

My parents have home video of my soccer and baseball games — I’m the girl by the net or in the infield, turning cartwheels. Continue reading


When I did my internships, I had a very simple plan: Anywhere But Calgary. I took the same approach with my first job, and while I didn’t end up nearly as far away as I could have (I was aiming for the Maritimes, but it seems they’re kind of protective about giving their jobs to people from the West, considering the economy), six hours of driving still basically equates to one full day of travel. I can and have done it, but unlike living in Edmonton, it’s not so easy to hop on the highway after work and still get home to Calgary that night.

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Earning my flippers

As a synchronized swimming coach, at any given time, my swim bag contained the following:

  • At least five or six noseclips
  • One pair of goggles, more if someone else had left theirs at the previous practice
  • Two or three swimsuits, one of which was solid black
  • Two towels
  • One binder with the levels I taught
  • Any extra paperwork I did as head coach
  • Any other binders another coach might have forgotten or had given to me if I was cutting their music
  • At least one iPod, possibly a couple of CDs and in my early days, some tapes
  • Bobby pins and hair elastics

I won’t bore you with all the other things I’d add to my bag during an exhibition, but it usually ended up being I needed a couple extra hands or bags to carry everything. The main thing is though, I used to have numerous noseclips — pretty much the definition of a synchro swimmer. Continue reading