Let go

If I’m perfectly honest, I can be the first one to admit that every now and then, I let my (normally hidden) OCD tendencies get the best of me. It’s earned me a lot of dirty looks from M.B. at the pool, when I’ve asked her to do something with a routine and then spend the next 20 minutes hanging over her shoulder.

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Under pressure, under deadline

Not much to say tonight. Well, a couple of things to say, but I don’t know how to say them yet, so instead you get these thoughts.

I can kind of do the same thing in journalism — mull things over, I mean, before I have to write them. Or at least I try, writing far enough ahead of deadline that I have a chance to look over my copy with fresh eyes, but it’s definitely not something taken for granted.

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Dream On: a (in-progress) wish list for interviews

Most of the job interviews I’ve had for newsroom positions are pretty standard — I’d almost say they’re easier than a job interview for a corporate position. Or maybe that’s just me, my personality just works better in a newsroom interview, editors aren’t as concerned that I talk with my hands or talk too fast (both which I’ve been told are nervous tics, except I naturally talk with my hands, and the talking fast — yeah, that’s super natural for me too).

But I had one newsroom interview, for an internship at a paper in western Ontario, where they asked me a bunch of character-testing questions. We’d been warned about those in an internship prep class, but they still kind of caught me off-guard.

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