Some #JanuaryCure thoughts

Every now and then, I have a moment where I realize that I might stay in this city forever, and it freaks me out a little bit. Until university, I lived my entire life in one house, in one city, but once I started my internships, I haven’t lived anywhere longer than a year and a half a year. (It’s a technicality: I lived in Lloydminster for a year and a half, but lived in two different apartments, for six months and a year respectively.)

I’ve done it enough times at this point, moving isn’t a big deal anymore. But even though I’ve now lived in one city and one apartment for nearly 19 months, moving is still very much on my mind, in the sense that each time I acquire something, I think, “How am I going to move that?” “Will I move that, or will I leave it behind or replace it?” Continue reading


Sum of all the parts

It’s common sense that people are products of their life experiences, I just never expected it to happen to me.

The security deposit for my Lloydminster apartment arrived in the mail today, and with that, I think I can safely say that chapter of my life is closed. Which is really strange, considering how upset I was on Sunday about something going on in the Border City. Continue reading

Skyscrapers for grain elevators, and canola fields for a river valley

In the last two weeks, I kept having minor, five-minute freakouts. They were based on the fact that I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing, quitting my newspaper job, accepting a new job in communications, and moving to Edmonton. Usually the calming factor was a mix of old text messages from friends and just talking to friends, but still, a five-minute freakout is a five-minute freakout.

All things considered then, this week has gone very smoothly. Continue reading


When I did my internships, I had a very simple plan: Anywhere But Calgary. I took the same approach with my first job, and while I didn’t end up nearly as far away as I could have (I was aiming for the Maritimes, but it seems they’re kind of protective about giving their jobs to people from the West, considering the economy), six hours of driving still basically equates to one full day of travel. I can and have done it, but unlike living in Edmonton, it’s not so easy to hop on the highway after work and still get home to Calgary that night.

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Cooking up trouble

Note: I was planning to blog about something journalism related tonight. But I didn’t write anything today and this is quicker than the discussion of another blog that I want to do, so to get my NaBloPoMo done, here it is.

Considering how much I like snack-y foods, I actually don’t do that much baking. My oven is mostly used for making things like banana breads, pita chips and homemade potato fries.

My “baking cupboard” is pretty well stocked, mind you, with vanilla extract and baking soda/powder and all those things, but again, I use them for breads or muffins. Not cookies.

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Dollar store digging

Every spring, myself and the two ladies I coached synchronized swimming with became queens of the dollar store. All the props, decorations, hair accessories, other accessories — nearly everything came from the dollar store. If I had to put reasoning behind it, I guess it was because a) we were using it in the pool so it was going to get wet and probably ruined and b) we were only going to use it for one or two exhibitions.

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