Perspective in strange places

Today, during an open hoop jam, I finally figured out lifts. Off my hips, onto my right hand, switch to my left and twirl it back onto my hips, keep hooping. Now that I’ve got that done, I started trying to do it faster — instead of hooping really long before grabbing it off my hips, and then twirling it on my hands for 30 seconds before switching hands and twirling back down, I’m trying to get a good hoop movement, pull it off my hips, switch hands immediately and get it back to my hips, one fluid motion.

And this picture popped into my head. Continue reading


Sum of all the parts

It’s common sense that people are products of their life experiences, I just never expected it to happen to me.

The security deposit for my Lloydminster apartment arrived in the mail today, and with that, I think I can safely say that chapter of my life is closed. Which is really strange, considering how upset I was on Sunday about something going on in the Border City. Continue reading

Brain explosion

I woke up today with one mission: I’m going to get stuff done.

This is usually my mission on my days off anyways; usually I get the dishes done and maybe some cooking, but by that point I get tired or distracted and just give up. Considering today started slowly, I decided it was a good theme to carry on through the day. I could clean/cook for a bit, then read if I wanted too. Do some laundry, then nap if I wanted do. Do some more cleaning, then blog if I wanted to. See the pattern? Continue reading

Everything I need to know, I learned in marching band

It’s been four years since I was in high school and in a high school marching band. I miss getting on a football field sometimes for band practice, but I don’t think I could go back. I chose not to go into Stampede band, and made the ill choice of auditioning for Outriders on an alto sax instead of my usual tenor.

A bunch of high school kids — how good could we be? At the time, there was no questioning it. Now, I see that they’re (we were) just a bunch of high school kids, but you also have to consider the band has travelled to every continent but South America and Africa, has been invited back to overseas competitions numerous times, has won enough awards that there isn’t enough space for them in the trophy cases, and has a name for itself.

It never was easy. But the mosquito bites, sun burns, heat stroke, heartbreak, tears, exhaustion, laughter and joy I experienced because of it? Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Continue reading