Not everything is about Buddy Holly

When I was in high school, my grandparents took my cousin and I to Phoenix for 10 days. J. is a c0uple years older than me and was only able to stay for a few days (she was writing university exams) but I spent the full 10 days with my grandparents; we were not only in Phoenix but the surrounding area as well, including walking into Mexico for a day.

One of the places we went was Tombstone, Ariz., which is the site of the famous OK Corral gunfight. Boot Hill Graveyard is also close by, and we walked through there — when I was younger, I was really intrigued by cemeteries and the people buried there; I guess I still kind of am, I love walking through the older part of the St. Albert cemetery on Vital Avenue.

I don’t remember what the gift shop in Tombstone was attached to, but we stopped at a gift shop, and I found an 11×17 print of a movie poster for The Searchers, with John Wayne. However, I am a horrible impulse buyer and didn’t buy the print. Subsequent trips by my aunt and uncle, as well as most recently my parents, have proved unsuccessful at finding the poster again. Continue reading