A is for … (a bunch of things)

Thinking up words for each letter of the alphabet is hard. Or at least for A, it is. I think I already know what words I want to use for the letters C, R and S.

I’ve worked on a couple of different projects today — pickling carrots, cleaning and one of my Christmas projects — and while working on the last project, was thinking of a word to blog about, since I don’t have much else interesting to say. The roads are still crap and I think my carrots turned out OK, if you’re wondering. Continue reading


Just sayin’

A quote from a friend this weekend will at first seem a bit of a stretch, but I swear, it’s all related.

Upon telling Z. that I still haven’t put my snow tires on yet, she replied, “You live in Edmonton, and it’s November. Really??” Continue reading

Apples, carrots and pears

First, some background: in August, I mentioned to a friend, L., that I had been picking apples and thought it might be fun to make apple cider. I used the term “cider” loosely, thinking more along the lines of apple juice. She latched on to the word “cider,” however, dragged our mutual friend D. into the process as well, and so for the past three months, my fridge has been looking something like this: Continue reading


Yes, I’m a little late in starting NaBloPoMo. But again, my defense is that technically all the posts to this point were written on the right days. They just weren’t posted on the right days.

Writing a blog post every day for the next month has me thinking a little bit though. If I do it for one month, why can’t I keep going afterwards? Especially this last summer, my blog posting fell off by a ton. Continue reading