Pens, paper and Christmas

Christmas cards have always been a little important to me, but last year, I started making my own and mailing them. I thought I was being smart this year — not only did I start thinking about it at the end of October, but I found all of my designs, mocked them up, and then started working. Continue reading


Just click

On New Year’s Day, rather quickly, a couple of girl friends and I decided that we were going to tackle Project 365 — taking a photo a day — together. I say rather quickly because as K. and I were discussing it on Twitter, Z. joined in and said she’d like to take part too, but none of us set a start date until I mentioned it. Then K. proposed right then as a start date.

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Make light work

My editor and I are fighting a quiet battle. Every time I go out to the Lloyd Exhibition Grounds — a setting with notoriously bad light — he’ll toss out the comment, “Maybe take the (off-camera) flash with you.” Or if I go some place where he thinks I might have bad light, he suggests the same thing, citing times he’s been in that location and had problems getting decent lighting.

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