22, 25 and one goal

It’s easy to forget that Buddy Holly was only 22 when he died. Listen to his records, research his success, and, by today’s standards, the fact that he was married — he accomplished a lot in a short time.

I’ve been in love with Buddy Holly since a junior high English project based on S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders, and I was sure that 22 for me was going to be a memorable year. It was, for lots of reasons — over the course of 21 months, I graduated university and left my hometown for good, I let someone walk out of my life who should have left a long time ago, I met three amazing people who “forced” me to be their friend but for that I’m very grateful, I found a passion within my industry (which I already loved in general, but discovering that I can and will defend digital media — creating things that newsprint can’t do — has opened some doors for me), and I lost two people who I still miss every day. Continue reading


Odds and ends

The theme continues — there is still a lot going on in my life that I either can’t talk about or don’t want to talk about, and thus it serves as the excuse for not blogging.

Granted, there are a couple things that pop up in my head that are too long for a tweet or seemingly too short for a blog post, but the ideas are still kicking around. And so, a grab bag blog post of sorts, with all kinds of odds and ends. Continue reading

Let go

If I’m perfectly honest, I can be the first one to admit that every now and then, I let my (normally hidden) OCD tendencies get the best of me. It’s earned me a lot of dirty looks from M.B. at the pool, when I’ve asked her to do something with a routine and then spend the next 20 minutes hanging over her shoulder.

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Dollar store digging

Every spring, myself and the two ladies I coached synchronized swimming with became queens of the dollar store. All the props, decorations, hair accessories, other accessories — nearly everything came from the dollar store. If I had to put reasoning behind it, I guess it was because a) we were using it in the pool so it was going to get wet and probably ruined and b) we were only going to use it for one or two exhibitions.

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Earning my flippers

As a synchronized swimming coach, at any given time, my swim bag contained the following:

  • At least five or six noseclips
  • One pair of goggles, more if someone else had left theirs at the previous practice
  • Two or three swimsuits, one of which was solid black
  • Two towels
  • One binder with the levels I taught
  • Any extra paperwork I did as head coach
  • Any other binders another coach might have forgotten or had given to me if I was cutting their music
  • At least one iPod, possibly a couple of CDs and in my early days, some tapes
  • Bobby pins and hair elastics

I won’t bore you with all the other things I’d add to my bag during an exhibition, but it usually ended up being I needed a couple extra hands or bags to carry everything. The main thing is though, I used to have numerous noseclips — pretty much the definition of a synchro swimmer. Continue reading