Watering my patch of Internet

Everything that I know about gardening is … not a lot. I managed to nearly successfully raise a tomato plant two summers ago, even carting it to a friend’s house so he could look after it for the 10 days I was on vacation. However, last summer, with minimal effort, I managed to kill my second attempt at a tomato plant in record time. Possibly due to minimal effort.

After acquiring a pallet late last August and inspired by Pinterest, I plan to build a vertical garden this summer. I expect to kill a couple tomato plants while doing it, but it’s a start, and will hopefully yield something.

In that case, I’m well aware that I’m starting from square one, and that’s OK. I don’t know a lot about gardening, and I’ll learn something this summer.

What I do feel I have a fairly good handle on, however, is the Internet. Give me a couple of hours and allow me to sigh loudly when frustrated, and I can probably have at least the basics of any digital media platform worked out shortly. I love analytics, and some days, it just seems like there’s too much interesting content on the Internet and not enough appropriate time/ways/channels to share it.

If the Internet were a community garden, the plots that were most attractive and produced high yields would use analytics smartly, incorporate a variety of media, and both curate and create good content. Continue reading


Communication articulation

You know when you hear (or, in the case of social media, see) those opinions, and you know they’re wrong, but you can’t immediately articulate exactly why?

In that sense, blogging for me is a challenge. I want to respectfully point out when people are wrong, but at the same time, I want to propose a plausible solution, and that’s usually where I get stuck. You’re wrong, but… Continue reading

Link love

My day started off pretty lazy — most of it has to do with the fact that I have no desire to do the dishes that have been multiplying in the sink. I want to do some baking though, so they’ll have to get done sooner rather than later. I’m pretending to work by cleaning out my Twitter favourites — the list is getting out of control again, and so I can pretend it is an urgent task, while really it’s just enjoyable that I have time to peruse articles I don’t have time for otherwise.

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Wanted: an attention span

For anyone following me on Twitter, I’d like to offer a half-apology, half-warning: please don’t look at my favourites list.

Presumably, people use “favourites” for tweets they really like, and want to make sure people can access long after the tweet is no longer being retweeted and shared.

I use it as a means to come back to things I mean to read later. Continue reading