Maybe Mother Nature is telling me something…

Since I don’t have access right now to the blog post that I wrote earlier today and was going to post tonight, today’s blog post has turned into a simple to-do list.

Edmonton (and now Calgary) is getting hit with a ton of snow right now, and yesterday morning, more than anything else, I wanted to call in a snow day. Of course I went into work, but still, it sounded really appealing. Continue reading


Baby it’s cold outside

The good news is, we didn’t get the big storm Edmonton did a couple of days ago, even though they said we would and everyone was talking like the apocalypse was coming. It’s snow, people. Yes, it’s the first snow, but it’s going to happen a lot more this winter. The bad news is, like I said, it’s coming. At least once this winter I know I will have to take on snowbanks to get from point A to point B (I drive a pretty small car).

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